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By | January 1, 2023

Enjoy the Latest Collection of  55+ Comment Status For Facebook | Comment Status Instagram, Because everyone wants different Statuses.


Found your friend updated his WhatsApp status? So now is the time to write good things in WhatsApp status. You might not think about it, but leaving a good WhatsApp status message and picture can make their day.

And yes, you want your speech to be more than just a “nice picture” or a fitting smile, right? So, here you will find a good collection of comments that you can leave on the status updates of your friends and family.

Writing status comments on WhatsApp is not easy, especially when you want to write one. And especially when it comes to your BFF status, you know exactly what to write and how to make it memorable. Because just seeing the status isn’t enough, it’s good to write something to express your true feelings.

Comment Status For Facebook

Comment Status For Facebook

Comment Status For Facebook

All the best!






Beauty is just one of the endearing traits you possess.


Be proud girl; you are beautiful.


Best of luck, hope to see you succeed in this one.


Bro, I also need the same picture like this one. Will you help with that?








Even without makeup, you are stunning.


Everything you do. You do it perfectly.


Feeling so happy for you, Best luck.


Girl, you really know the art of taking selfies.


Girls, you look amazing. I’ll hire you for my makeup.


Good to see that you’re making progress, there.


Great one, thanks for not posting another boring status like yesterday.


Honestly, you are beautiful


I adore you.


I appreciate you.


I have to remind you of how beautiful you are.


I love your hair.


Impressive photo.


Inside out; you are beautiful.


I see life in your beauty.


It seems that now you’re taking your gym routine seriously. That’s good.


It seems you’re having so much fun there. It’s great.


I usually don’t comment on anyone’s Whatsapp status. But, for this one, I can’t resist.


I watched every picture in your status and just loved them all.


I’m impressed.


I’m just all in love with your Whatsapp status!


Like this picture of yourself, can I have a copy of it?


Looking handsome, Brother.


Looking sharp, Bro. I’m here waiting for you to return this shirt when you’re done showing it off.


Love everything you do, you’re awesome.


Love this. In my opinion, this picture is the best of yours till today.


Love this selfie! Just beautiful.


May all your wishes and dreams come true.


Never forget that you are beautiful.


Never give up, keep doing your best!




No matter what people say; you are beautiful.


Now I realize why Whatsapp was down this morning. It was you, huh!








See you in a completely different avatar. Loved it!


Simply adorable.


So grateful for having such an amazing person like you in life.


Such a jaw-dropping pose!




The quintessence of beauty; that’s who you are.


There are no boundaries to your beauty.


This is nature at its best.


This new look is lit.


Truly love your dress. Can I borrow it for our next weekend party?


We are so proud of you.


Well, that’s what you can call a status.


What a pretty smile you have.


Wow, I never thought you looked so great in real life.


Wow, this picture made my day!


Yeah, I watched your status and I felt jealous. Are you happy now?


Yo girls, you’re killing with this look!


You are a jaw-dropper.


You are a model for “Beauty”.


You are a rare beauty.


You are a reflection of true beauty.


You are a stunner.


You are a true epitome of beauty.


You are awesome.


You are beautiful, and that’s an understatement.


You are beautiful and passionate.


You are beautiful every time.


You are beautiful in your own way.


You are beautiful like a flower.


You are beauty at its best.


You are desirable.


You are everything.


You are extraordinary.


You are incredible.


You are inspiring.


You are mesmerizing.


You are nature at its best.


You are simply riveting.


You are stunning.


You are the definition of beauty.


You create magic.


You grow more beautiful each day.


You justify the word “Beauty” better.


You look gorgeous.


You look like such a different person. No, I mean, you look great.


You must be the most beautiful girl on earth.


You must be the most beautiful person on this planet.


You radiate charisma.


You radiate power.


Your beauty can be addictive.


Your beauty can make a blind man see.


Your beauty comes deep from within your soul.


Your beauty creates focus.


Your beauty creates hope.


Your beauty defeats sorrow.


Your beauty deserves my praise.


Your beauty is alluring.


Your beauty is an inspiration.


Your beauty is a show-stopper.


Your beauty is a treasure.


Your beauty is breath-taking.


Your beauty is captivating.


Your beauty is full of endless possibilities.


Your beauty is impeccable.


Your beauty is indescribable.


Your beauty is like a rainbow.


Your beauty is one of the things I like about you.


Your beauty is refreshing.


Your beauty is riveting.


Your beauty is without borders.


You scream cuteness.


You slay, girl.


You’re the best, my man!


You’re unrecognizable in this picture. Which editing software did you use?


You’ve got an amazing figure.



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